Are There Any Unexpected Benefits to Selling Your Car?

The power of walkability is more and more significant these days, with many neighbourhoods designed for walkability and many renters and home owners looking for properties that allow them to access many places by foot instead of a car. Money is saved when a vehicle is eliminated from the budget as there are no upkeep costs of the vehicle, no weekly fuel-ups, and no car insurance payments. The savings is quite large and is the reason many consumers are opting for public transportation and travel on foot.

Cash for Car 247 Melbourne has come up with this list of the unexpected benefits that you can enjoy when you sell your car

Improved Health

You may be sitting behind the desk half the day, and once home from work your idea of the perfect evening is sitting on the couch, enjoying your favourite television shows. And for good reason; the day was tiring and all you want to do is put up your feet and relax. Unfortunately, you aren’t doing much for your health. Giving up the car would get you out and walk. You’d get exercise walking to work or the bus stop, around the neighbourhood, and simple errands that you could do on foot or the bicycle. Individuals that walk to work as opposed to driving to work gain less weight and keep their hearts healthier.

Less Eating Out

It’s easy to get behind the wheel of the car and drive to your favourite fast food or restaurant after a tiring day. Just as easy to get into the car at lunchtime and eat out. Without a car, you’ll have less temptation to eat out. Healthy brown bag lunches can be substituted for the trip to your favourite fast food. As for dinner, you’ll likely save big there, as well as you will shop wiser and meals will be healthier.

Rides Here & There

Say goodbye to being the “Go to” guy or gal that’s constantly depended on to give rides here and there; and, the nice guy or gal that you are, you have trouble saying “No.” You won’t be asked to chauffeur the kids, the cousins, or your friends or colleagues. You will have the luxury of having your spare time to yourself.

Giving up your vehicle is a healthy choice; and, one that will save thousands of dollars each year. Cash for Car 247 Melbourne pays cash for cars of every make and condition. Call us or visit our homepage to have your vehicle evaluated today. All valuations are provided with no obligation to accept.

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