Cash for Cars Footscray

Cash For Cars 247 Melbourne follows 100% eco-friendly guidelines to wreck and recycle used and unwanted vehicles. Thanks to these green standards and our use of modern technology, we strive to recycle every single inch of a vehicle, regardless of its condition. We are one of the very few Melbourne based Cash for Cars companies that offer eco-friendly wrecking and recycling services to the local community of Footscray.
When you contact Cash For Cars 247 Melbourne, you get up to $9999 cold hard cash. Are you thinking if we will accept your vehicle? Definitely! Cash For Cars 247 Footscray buys ALL kinds of cars, no matter what their make, model, age, or condition.

Contact us at 03 8752 1424 or 0451 796 919 and get up to $6999 in instant cash returns

Our wrecking and recycling processes are designed to help our clients get the maximum value from their totaled, scrap and used vehicles. We try to salvage and recondition auto parts that are further sold to be used in roadworthy vehicles. Not only this, but Cash For Cars 247 also uses high-end towing equipment, making it possible for us to offer free vehicle removals for every size and kind of car. Trucks or vans, bikes or cars, small or large, heavy or light – we will offer you free car removals no matter what shape or size of your used car is.

Cash offers on used, unwanted and scrap cars can be extremely low, but with Cash For Cars 247 Melbourne, you get maximum gold for your old vehicles, thanks to our 100% green wrecking and recycling standards.
No time to deal with fussy car towing companies? Dial 03 8380 0324 and meet the highly courteous, professional and expert staff of Cash For Cars 247. Our employees are trained to be customer-focused, which means you can throw any number of queries at us, but we will never get upset. We also offer all our services in Footscray 24/7, as our name suggests. You want us to perform car removal on a weekend? We are your friends.

Forget the weather, forget the cold winters, forget the holidays. Sip on your coffee, while we do all the work. From towing to paperwork to payments – Cash For Cars 247 takes care of everything for its clients.
Why the delay then? Pick up the phone and be ready to make some instant cash with just one phone call. Contact our experts at 03 8380 0324 , 0451 796 919., or write us an email at Send us some description of your used car in Footscray and our expert appraisers will offer you an obligation free quote that we are sure you won’t be able to say no to!