Cash for Car 247 Melbourne is a part of Atlas Car Removals GroupĀ andĀ has a long-standing reputation in the auto buying and car wrecking industry of offering vehicle owners satisfying cash offers on their unwanted vehicles. We are an established Melbourne car removal company that is fully licensed and insured. We take a great deal of pride in offering vehicle owners throughout Melbourne with the best in cash for cars and customer services, ensuring them the best car selling experience.

We are a company that buys high volumes of vehicles simply because we are both an auto buyer and wrecker and can accept and buy every condition of a vehicle. We are proud to say that we take the hassle out of selling your vehicle. When we buy a vehicle, the vehicle owners do away with having to advertise the vehicle for sale and to deal with potential buyers and to negotiate a good, fair price on the vehicle. We simply offer a cash offer that the vehicle owner accepts or rejects.

Because we are a high-volume vehicle buyer, we can offer our customers great prices on their unwanted cars. We also are in the position to buy vehicles that vehicle owners still pay on. We not only offer enough for the balance of the vehicle to be paid, but for the owner of the vehicle to also put some cash in their pocket. This is an ideal solution for vehicle owners that are in a bind and need to get out from under their debt quickly.

Excellence in car removal services is guaranteed at Cash for Car 247 Melbourne. We are a car removal company that offers free car removals to all vehicle owners in any suburb of Melbourne. We don’t require that vehicle owners bring their vehicle to us for us to inspect their unwanted car, SUV or 4WD to offer a cash appraisal. We simply ask for a thorough description of the vehicle and then we make a cash offer. Our cash offers can be obtained over the phone or through our site here online.

Cash for Car 247 Melbourne pays instant cash of up to $9999. We are a car removal company that accepts every make and model of any age and condition of a vehicle.

Scrap, used, unwanted, high mileage, low mileage, accident, collision, fire, flooded, salvage, damaged, rusted, broken, mechanical problems, body damage, wrecked, etc.

With each car we buy, we offer free car removal. This is considered a benefit of selling your unwanted vehicle to us as there is never a charge and never a towing fee. Our car removal specialists work around the clock, offering fast and convenient car removals.

There are a few requirements when selling your car to Cash for Car 247 Melbourne. We require that all vehicle owners have their title of ownership to the vehicle. If they do not have the title, then we request that they allow us to know this at the time we offer them a cash offer on the vehicle. We also require that the vehicle is parked in an area that we can easily access, as well as have proof of their photo ID. While we bring our cash offer amount with us at the time, we remove your vehicle, we will require our removal specialist to perform a quick inspection of the vehicle. Our cash for cars system is one that is simple and includes cash for scrap cars.

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