Salvage Vs Junk Cars: The Difference

Many are the times when you have heard of the term “salvage” and “junk” referring to vehicles in certain conditions, mostly in states that makes them not appropriate for use on the roads. You have also heard that you can sell such Cars for Cash in Melbourne. For the majority, there seems to be no difference between the two types of cars.

However, there are glaring differences between them and it is vital you know about them so that you will have the right information should you find yourself in a position where you need to turn your old car into cash.

Salvage Cars

A salvage car simply refers to a car with a Salvage Title, also known as Rebuildable Title. This is a type of title branding to indicate that a car was damaged to a point whereby the insurance company decided to take its ownership. This normally happens after claims are made and the insurance company decides to declare a car “Total Loss”, in which case the cost of repairs would be more than the actual value of the car. Most cars that will be declared as salvage are those that got involved in horrific accidents and ends up with a lot of damages, both to the cars body and vital internal parts such as the engine.

Junk Cars

The definition of junk cars on the other hand is not as clear cut as salvage cars. The definition tends to vary according to the make and model of the car, as well as the year of manufacture. At its very basic, a junk car can simply be defined as a car without any value as a vehicle or as parts.

The only value such as a car has is the scrap value or the value of the materials which is made of such as the aluminum body, the rims, tires etc. In most cases, the value of a junk car is based on its weight and they are normally sold as recyclable metal. Junk cars can come in all shapes ranging from clean to salvage to no title and to everything in between.

What to do with a salvage or junk car in Melbourne

If you had a car with salvage title or you had a car considered as junk, since they are not giving you any value by having them occupying space in your compound, the best thing would be to dispose of them by turning them into cash.

No one may be willing to buy them in their current states, but there are many Cash for Scrap Cars in Melbourne who would be willing to purchase them. One such company is Cash For Cash 247 and you can contact them at or 0451 796 919 for further details on how to sell your junk or salvage car.