How Much Cash Do I Get For My Car Victoria?

Do you find it difficult to look for a buyer for your vehicle who is willing to pay cash? If so, you should get in touch with cash for cars companies that can pay up to $9999 per vehicle. Many car owners are now looking for a good deal without spending a lot of time haggling; this is your best option.

Whatever your vehicle is – be it a van, a lorry, a bus, or any type of 4wd automobiles, selling your car to companies who buy scrap cars can make all the difference. Just like Cash for Cars 247, we are always available for you. Regardless of the condition, make, type, or year of your automobile in Victoria, we will give you a fair cash offer. We are a trustworthy business that is completely licensed and insured.

Cash For Cars

Cash for Cars

How to Get the Value of the Vehicle?

Scrap cars’ prices are obtained by calculating their weight. The heavier, the pricier. Insurance companies would also add the number of years the vehicle would still be useful. At Cash for Cars 247, the value of the scrap car is obtained by its make and model, vehicle’s age, weight, metal, features, and age.

Process of Car Removal

Cash for Cars 247 buys cars as-is. We will buy your automobile regardless of condition. We buy cars for their parts and materials, especially metals. Thus, even damaged, old, or wrecked vehicles are useful to us.

1. Validation of Ownership

Car sellers must prove ownership by law. Titles are optional but desired. You must file a notice of disposal form to cancel the registration of the vehicle you’re selling us.

RTA checks will refund any remaining registration fees. Customers can email their CTP provider for a registration cancellation certificate to request another refund.

2. Photo ID

Driver’s licenses, visas, and other photo IDs are required. Our experts will gladly answer inquiries about various forms of identifications and documents we accept.

3. Remove Registration Plates

Number plates must be removed when transferring or revoking a registration. We can assist in this area, too. You can then return or transfer your number plates.

Instant Cash, No Hassles

If you agree, we will remove your automobile at no cost and at any time of day or night that suits you. When we come, we ask that you please have your proof of identification and certificate of possession-ready. (Please refer to Victoria Roadways for any additional information regarding the transfer of license plates.)

Call Us Today

With Cash for Cars 247, selling and removing your car is a top priority. We follow a list of top-quality services to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Call us now at 03 8380 0324, or get your FREE Cash for Cars 247 estimate online! Our helpful agent will verify the local availability and book your no-obligation estimate at a time that is most suitable for you.


1. How Much Cash Do I Get For My Car In Victoria?

The price of the vehicle in Melbourne is determined by several factors, including the make and model, age, condition, registration, and location.

Each vehicle is evaluated individually. We will then provide a price estimate and pick-up time window. For automobiles, the purchase price can range anywhere from $100 to $9,999, and for heavy cars, trucks, and vans, the cost can go as high as $15,000.

2. Which Parts of My Vehicle Should I Take Out Before Scrapping It?

Make sure to remove all your personal possessions, such as sunglasses, coins, toll tags, or any other items you believe are not part of the automobile, before selling them. Also, you must take off the license plate if you intend to turn in or surrender the vehicle.

3. How to Get TOP Cash for Your Junk Car When You Have It Towed Away?

Not all of our customers’ old, damaged, rusted, and used automobiles are scrap, precisely because we pay so much for them.

Some are really old, hard-to-sell models, while others are nearly new. If we can’t sell cars, we recycle and sell pieces and scrap metal.

When we receive any old or undesirable vehicle, we will deal with the largest and best trash yards and auto wreckers around, who would in turn, quickly begin disassembling the vehicle until it’s torn down to its shell.

We can offer you the best price on even the most useless junk. This is because our team reuses, turns around, and sells an old automobile’s components, metal products, and electronics.

4. Are There Any Costs That Are Not Specified?

Victoria cash-for-car companies include many hidden fees. Small fees can pile up and make selling your corroded or scrap car to them less profitable. In our case, no, we don’t have additional fees—towing, administration, etc. We only wish to buy and remove your car quickly.