4 Questions to Ask Before Agreeing to a Car Removal Service in Melbourne

Every time you need a Car Removal Service in Melbourne, your greatest concerns will be to deal with a reputable company that will not just give you top dollars for your car, but also grant a smooth removal experience.

It is upon you to do due diligence and make a determination that you are indeed dealing with the right company. While in the process of doing due diligence, here are some questions you must ask the company before you allow them to remove your car:

Do you offer free car removal in Melbourne?

All reputable Cash For Cars companies offer free removal, though there are some which may insinuate that you cater for the removal. You should never pay a single cent for the removal. If the company suggests that it will be upon you to pay for the removal, then simply stop dealing with them and find another one which will offer free car removal.

What kinds of cars do you accept?

Again, all the reputable Car Wreckers in Melbourne will accept all car makes and models and in any condition. In the event that the company tells you they can’t remove your car for one reason or another, just know that they are not a reputable one and continue with your search for those that offer to remove all makes, models and any condition. At “Cash for Cars 247”, we buy all kinds of cars regardless of the make, model or condition.

What do you consider when valuing the car?

Of course, you will be interested in getting top dollars for your car and you may be curious about how the value will be arrived at. Be advised that every Car Removal Company have a number of methods for arriving at the value of your car.

You should only get concerned when you are told that the car will be valued only based on its weight. Second-hand dealerships are the ones who do that and not car removal companies. If they don’t have a concrete way of determining the value of your car other than the weight, don’t sell it to them.

My car is not registered. Can I still sell it?

Some Free Car Removal companies will accept registered cars while other will not. If you have an unregistered car, you should know beforehand if the company you are considering will actually buy it and if not, you should search for a removal company that buys both registered and unregistered cars.

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